The one skill necessary: Direct Response Copywriting

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Direct response copywriting has been responsible for some of the greatest success stories in history. This skill is responsible for countless rags to riches story.

What is the one skill all marketers should acquire? It’s not what you think…

So you are a digital marketer and are not seeing the results you had anticipated. Your campaign just went live and you get crickets… You are thinking about getting back to the fundamentals. But you’re asking yourself what are the basics? What do you think is the one skill that could change your outcome and boost your results and sales? Is it networking (Good old fashion one to one) nope! Is it Facebook advertising (we know that it is a vital skill nowadays) Nope! Might it be cold calling … again nope! What if I told you that none of these skills are what I’m talking about? Although these skills can be necessary in our marketer tool box. The skill I’m speaking about is direct response copywriting.  

Think of Direct Response Copywriting like having little sales rep going out into the world and selling for your business. It’s like cloning your best sales rep and sending him into the world to … well sell like crazy. If you master this one skill, you should never have money problems. The beauty of direct response is that once your sales page is finished you can know if you did well in a Mather of hours. If you did well the results will be instantly, if not you hear crickets … again.

Direct response copywriting has been responsible for some of the greatest success stories in history. This skill is responsible for countless rags to riches story. It is responsible for making countless millionaires. I’m telling you all this because I want you to really understand that investing your time into learning this skill is crucial for your success.  

I’m myself studying direct response copywriting, and I have started my journey by taking a course by one of the great copywriters.   He is the most ripped off copywriter of all time. I started with John Carlton’s Simple Writing System™ (Here is the link to his course: https://simplewritingsystem.com/). I highly recommend his course, it will give you a good base. Then I read the book by Gary Albert (the most successful direct response copywriter in history) the name of the book is “The Boron Letters.”  I highly recommend it the book is great read. Lately I found a great resource for learning copywriting and that is the 7-figure marketing copy book and you can get it here: https://app.increase.academy/most-important-skill-guide?gclid=Cj0KCQjwrIf3BRD1ARIsAMuugNuV3RxJrDOsxQOUN3no2RjFzCmPkRZEyfLm9J7EEXniWBTFhDwk_VMaAqzIEALw_wcB

So there you have it, I am putting all my time into learning the most sought-after skill you need to become a master marketer and that is… Direct Response Copywriting. You should really consider learning this skill, it will serve you well. I have given you the resources I used so far to learn THE SKILL… Hope it will help you get started.

Seb Mars

Seb Mars

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