4 Direct Response Marketing Techniques to Drive Action NOW!

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When you think of marketing and advertising and business, you probably think about big brands and the advertising they produce like big TV ads everyone knows and remember.

When you think of marketing and advertising and business, you probably think about big brands and the advertising they produce like big TV ads everyone knows and remember. These ads are greater than life and have an impact on your memories. These types of ads cost millions if not billions and for a small business is unattainable. If that is your idea of marketing as a small business owner, it can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to take these giants head on, you need a different approach and a different strategy. You need to use marketing tactics that drive action.

Direct response is all about driving action now. It packages value proposition and a call to action and make the prospects make the decision faster. Ion this blog post I’m going to show you 7 examples of direct marketing in action. Each of the 7 action outlined in this blog post you can apply to your business today to drive action and results.

But first you need to understand what differentiates direct response for traditional and what makes it efficient.

What is direct response marketing?
While large brands spend millions if not billions to put their brands in the forefront of their market and saturate it with their logos and message. Direct response, on the other hand, is all about driving action and results fast. Direct response is a strategy based marketing to send highly targeted marketing messages to drive action. A lot of people think of direct. Mail when they hear direct response. But it can be any type of marketing that demands a response. It can be used in a website (like ours), Facebook ads, blog post and even twitter ads. Now let’s look at different direct response uses in action.

#1 Facebook Ads That Drives E-commerce Sales
An example of direct response ads online is for e-commerce stores to drive sales rapidly. It has a very clear call to action either “buy this” or “shop now.”  The picture above is a great example, it clearly displays the offer, the shoes and explains what makes them special. And since it’s on Facebook, we can assume they use detail targeting to choose whom they advertise to.

#2 Nurture Action With Phased Campaigns 
While direct response is all about driving action, it can be different from one phase of a campaign from another. It can start to read a post, like you are doing now, and it can change in another phase of the campaign to “subscribe to my n newsletter,” or “schedule a demo” and finish with “buy my products.”

#3 You Can Use Direct Response to Recruit Employees
Direct response can be also be used to recruit employees. In the rideshare market Uder™ and Lyft™ have used direct response to attract drivers. Both Uber and Lyft have deployed tons of efforts to attract drivers. A good example is one of Uber ads trying to incentivize respondents with a huge sign up bonuses for new drivers.

#4 You Can Use Direct Response to Recruit Employees
Grow your customer base with a refer a friend tactics. Men’s grooming company Harry’s took the world by storm when it grew to one million customers in just two years. They were able to climb to such success by focusing on viral and direct response marketing instead of the traditional brand advertising that Gillette and Dollar Shave Club were doing at the time. One of the key pieces to their successful launch was the refer-a-friend campaign that focused on creating a specific action: invite your friend to join Harry’s launch list.

Closing Thoughts
Building a brand takes lots of money and years of investments. While every company should invest in their brand image no one should rely on that kind of marketing alone because it can be very expensive. Direct response marketing, on the other hand, is a great strategy to implement for small business because it engages an audience and leads them to take action now.

Seb Mars

Seb Mars

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